Self and Peer Assessments

The Self and Peer Assessment feature is a tool that is designed to enhance the reflective learning skills of students.   Reviewing the work of fellow students through criterion-based reference evaluation promotes constructive feedback. The constructive feedback that students give to and receive from their peers can enhance their own comprehension of the subject material and provide valuable insights into their own learning efforts.

The Self and Peer Assessment feature is particularly suitable for faculty who are teaching large classes, by distributing the administrative workload.  Quality feedback can be provided from several different individuals, instead of relying upon a single faculty member.

In order to provide a comfort level adequate for encouraging candid but objective assessments and feedback, faculty can choose to use the option of Self and Anonymous Evaluations.

Screenshot highlighting how to create a self and peer assessment

To create a Self and Peer Assessment:  From the Course Menu select a Content Area, such as Assessments, then click the drop-down menu labeled Assessments > and select Self and Peer Assessment.

Last updated: 7/13/2017