Tabbed Blackboard Areas

Screenshot highlighting the navigation tabs

Tabbed Blackboard Areas:

  • NIU:  Faculty and students can access all classes they are teaching or are enrolled in and can check grades, calendar, and personal information. From this tab, the user can click the underlined course title to enter the course.
  • Courses:  This tab provides a complete and detailed listing of all courses faculty or students are enrolled in. Users can click course titles to enter the course.  Also found here is a link to the Notifications Dashboard which displays notifications for changes to items for all classes the user is enrolled in. These notifications are displayed in three different modules (What’s New, To Do, andNeeds Attention).
  • Organization:  Blackboard Oranization are online environments for formal and informal organizations and clubs at the university. Blackboard Organizations are only viewable to enrollees of a NIU organization.
  • Content Collection:  The Blackboard Content Collection is a tool that allows faculty and students to securely store, manage, reuse, and share digital content.
  • Course Evaluations: End-of-semester course evaluations may be delivered online via BlueEvaluations. If an academic department chooses to use BlueEvaluations, faculty can use this tab to monitor their response rates while surveys are open and view evaluation reports after the semester is over.
  • Services:  Requesting courses and course shells can be found here under the Faculty Blackboard Course Utilities link.   In addition, this area provides access to Blackboard support, student and faculty resources, and all NIU and academic calendars.
  • MyOneCard:  Students can manage their One Card while in Blackboard, giving them instant access to their account balance, the OneCard office, local vendors offering Huskie Bucks, and more.

Last Updated: 8/8/2017