Yellowdig - Frequently Asked Questions

When I click on the Yellowdig link in my Blackboard course, I get a message that says "You are not logged in. Click here to login, or click on the tabs below for more troubleshooting tips."

This error is most commonly caused by a browser or browser setting that blocks "third-party cookies." Like many Blackboard integrations, Yellowdig uses browser cookies to connect your Blackboard account to your Yellowdig account. By default, Safari blocks third-party cookies, and most browsers have a setting that can be used to block them. To access Yellowdig, you need to either choose a browser that does not block third-party cookies by default (e.g. Chrome) or configure your browser to allow them. See this Yellowdig support article for details on how to allow third-party cookies in most popular browsers.

I've configured my Yellowdig points and my Blackboard points for the semester total. Why do my students have all or most of the semester total already?

Yellowdig communicates a running semester percentage to Blackboard every four hours.  When Blackboard receives this percentage, it applies that percentage to the semester total you indicated in your Yellowdig link setup. 

For example, if Yellowdig discussion is worth 40 points for the semester, after week 1, if students have met their Yellowdig point target (e.g. 1000 Yd points), you and the student will see a 40 in the Blackboard gradebook.  If a student thereafter fell short of their Yellowdig target, their semester Yellowdig percentage would decrease as would the calculated points in the Blackboard gradebook.

Can I include more than one Yellowdig link in my course?

One philosophical difference between a Yellowdig discussion community and a more traditional discussion board is that a Yellowdig board is really meant to be a continuous discussion platform without artificial weekly structure.  Students should be encouraged to continue engage in conversation that span weeks, topics, and purposes.  Having a single Yellowdig discussion community link in your course in some ways reinforces this concept.  

However, there are also reasons you may want multiple access points to your community.  For example, you may have a strong modular structure in your course in which you provide a clear, consistent set of instructions and links for weekly activities.  In such an approach, it may be desirable to have a Yellowdig discussion community link in each module. 

If you decide to create multiple links, you must NOT create more than one graded Yellowdig link.  Your first Yellowdig discussion community link should be be configured to Enable Evaluation [Original] or  Create a gradebook item [Ultra]. Subsequent links should NOT use these options.  Links without these options will not create grade columns and will therefore simply provide additional access points to the community, while the single graded link communicates the discussion grade to the Blackboard gradebook.

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