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From the moment you log in, you have access to core features in the menu where your name appears. You can easily return to the menu from wherever you are—even if you're in a course. The menu peeks from behind the other layers you have open.

When you select any link from the menu, you see a global view across all your courses. For example, Grades shows all your grading tasks organized by course. No need to navigate to each course to see what's ready for grading.

blackboard base navigation menu

Overview of Base Navigation Menu

  • Institution Page: Important campus information and helpful links / resources
  • Profile: Set up and make changes to your profile image and settings
  • Activity Stream: Up-to-the-minute action for all of your courses & organizations
  • Courses: Navigate to past, present, and upcoming courses
  • Organizations: Access organizations (communities) 
  • Calendar: View all course, organization, and institution events and due dates
  • Messages: View and send messages for all of your courses
  • Grades: See what needs grading across all of your courses (students can check their grades for all of their courses)
  • Tools: Access functions that are outside of courses, such as Blackboard Faculty Tools to request courses, Content Collection, or Portfolios 

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