Deleting Items in Bulk

Deleting items in bulk should be done with caution. It can be useful when a course needs to be emptied and redeveloped, such as if a Course Copy needs to be redone or the course Instructor is reassigned. Please contact the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning for assistance if you have any questions prior to deleting materials in bulk.

Note:  Any information deleted during the Bulk Delete and Batch Edit operations cannot be recovered. It is important to create an export of materials or an archive of student data first, so, should the need arise, the course can be restored to its exact state before items were deleted.

Bulk Delete in Original Course View

Screenshot highlighting how to access bulk deletion of courses

Bulk Delete is found in the Control Panel under Packages and Utilities

Batch Edit to Delete Materials in Ultra Course View

Status: Available

In Ultra Course View, you can use the Batch Edit function to delete multiple items or folders of content at once. Batch Edit is located in the three dots (...) menu on the right, above the content list.

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