Importing a Course

A course import package is a ZIP file of exported course content. When you import a course package into an existing course, the content of the package is copied into the existing course. Import packages don't include student enrollments or data, such as discussion activity and grades.

Import a Course Package in Original Course View

Screenshot highlighting how to access the Import Package or View Logs feature

Note: While you can import a course export to an existing course in Blackboard, you are not able to restore a course archive. If you need to have an archive package restored, you will need to submit a ticket with the Division of IT to request that the archive be restored.

Import a Package

  1. In the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities, then click Import Package / View Logs
  2. Click Import Package 
  3. Click the Browse My Computer button to find and select the .zip file that contains the materials to be imported 
  4. Click the checkboxes for any of the content areas or materials you wish to include in the import 
  5. Click the Submit button

The import process will be queued on the server and may take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Assignments in Ultra Course View

Status: Available

You can import a course package from a previous course or from another instructor. When you import content, the content comes over in bulk — all of the content comes over at once. If you import an export package from the Original Course View, the content is converted during the import process. Any Pools from an Original Course are converted to Question Banks.

Import Content

  1. On the Course Content page, open the three dots (...) menu on the right side above the content list
  2. Click Import Content in the menu
  3. Click Import Course Content in the side panel
  4. Find and select the .zip file to upload from your computer
All of the content from the package imports to your course. The new content appears at the end of the content list. 

Import Details

When the workflow is complete, if some items from the Original Course View weren't imported into the Ultra Course View, a notification appears at the bottom of the Course Content page with the number of exceptions. Click the notification to view the import exceptions. 

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I have tried to copy from my shell course to my actual course and keep getting errors.
Most course cartridge content is intentionally copy-protected so you cannot copy it. Unless the cartridge manufacturer has specifically told you that you should be able to copy it from one course to another, you will need to get another cartridge import key and use that to import to the actual course before any other changes are made to the actual course. Once the cartridge has imported into the actual course you can add other content and make other changes.

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