Accommodations in the Ultra Course View are set for individual students and then apply to all Assignments and Tests in the course. Accommodations can include adjusting time limits, exempting students from time limits, and exempting students from due dates.

In addition to the global accommodations, exceptions can also be granted on specific Assignments and Tests using Availability Exceptions.

Add an Accommodation

To access the Accommodations panel for a student, open the Roster in the Details & Actions panel. Then click the three dots (...) for the student and select Accommodations

select Time Limit and enter a percentage to extend the assessment timer for a student

You can select two different types of accommodations for students:

  • Due date accommodation: Students with this accommodation will never have their work marked late.
  • Time limit accommodation: Students with a time limit accommodation have more time to finish their work during timed assessments. You can specify the amount of extra time by entering a percentage. For example, enter 50% to allow 50% additional time (e.g., 1.5 hours instead of 1 hour) or 100% to allow double the allotted time (e.g., 2 hours instead of 1 hour). 

Students with accommodations appear with a purple flag icon next to their name in the gradebook and roster. The flag icon is only visible to instructors and teaching assistants; it is not visible to students.

a purple flag icon appears next to the student's name on the grading page for an assignment or on the roster

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