Learning Module

A Learning Module is a logical, structured group of course content, similar in concept to a chapter in a textbook, and may be composed of several sections and/or activities. 

Learning Modules in Original Course View

Screenshot of a Learning Module highlighting the Table of Contents

Learning Modules are built in nearly the same way that one would create and populate a Content Area and all types of content, such as Items, Assignments, and Tests may be included in a Learning Module.

Faculty members can add folders and sub-folders to a Learning Module to impose a hierarchical structure over the content. This hierarchy is an outline view that is displayed in the Table of Contents allowing students to quickly understand the scope and structure of a lesson.

Faculty members are able to enforce sequential viewing of their Learning Modules, providing control over how students access the content.

Learning Modules in Ultra Course View

Status: Available

Learning modules are similar to Folders, but with a few additional features:

  • Students can navigate from one item to another in a Learning Module using arrows at the top of the page
  • In the module settings, you can enable Forced Sequence. This requires that students view content or submit an assessment prior to moving to the next item in the module.
  • Learning Modules with sequential viewing display visual indicators to help students track their progress through the module, regardless of whether you have enabled Progress Tracking.
  • Learning Modules can only be copied from course to course in their entirety. It is not possible to copy one piece of content or assessment from within a module.

Create a Learning Module

  1. Click the plus sign (+) wherever you want to add a learning module
  2. In the menu, click Create to open the Create Item panel
  3. Click Learning module
  4. Type a name, optional description, and select the module's visibility. Use Release Conditions to enable sequential viewing

Add Content to a Learning Module

You can add these items to a learning module:

  • Documents
  • Files
  • Tests
  • Assignments
  • Folders
  • Links to websites
  • Discussions
  • Journals

Click the Learning Module to open it, then click the plus sign (+) to add content. Alternatively, drag and drop content from elsewhere in the course to add it to the module.

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